About me
Hello Im Eros! I like to learn new things in Adobe Illustrator while also using some Adobe After Effects for anime edits or other small projects. My favorite gaming genres are both fighting games and platformers, however, I also have games I like in the RPG field, especially by Square Enix. Finally, I have been watching anime for a long time literally my whole life so I've seen everything from romance to action to mystery with my first animes being Hunter x Hunter and Yu Yu Hakasho

Games Playing:

RL (peak) : (3v3) Champ 2 Div 3
(2v2) Champ 3 Div 3
(1v1) Champ 2 Div 1

(Rumble) Champ 3 Div 2
Guilty Gear Strive: 10th Floor

  • Hollow Knight

  • Super Smash Bros

  • Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

  • Final Fantasy X

  • Kingdom Hearts II

  • The Last of Us

  • Ristar

  • Persona 4

  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

(Profile Picture made by @Nopiculous)

This is what I use to practice using the 3D effects dealing with lighting, shadows, materials. and planes/angles. By making these consoles I replicate it to the actual console as best as I can from a 2D to 3D space while also experimenting with color palettes that I created to see which would be best for a variety of different uses such as a commission for a certain pose or background.

Use different blending tools and practice with the pen tool to create simple abstract backgrounds while recently using this as a way to look at new color schemes and see what works with the background theme best. In addition, this included the experimentation of blur and shadow effects. In additon, created lineart in Adobe Illustrator for the first time by using Azula from Avatar the Last Airbender as my subject

Use of After Effects to create edits of Anime Scenes. Here, for practice, I would make use of similar motions that were animated between each of the animes and flow them together in a way that it would transition from one anime to the next easier particularly by anime characters using similar moves and animations. This is an example of a technique called "Flow Editing".

My Music Playlists:

Largest playlist I have made including my favorite rappers Tyler the Creator, J. Cole, and Logic as well as other artists such as The Internet, Frank Ocean, and Earl Sweatshirt

One of the Lofi artists I have the largest following with listening to them back in 2017 where I made this playlist containing all of the collections from each of their albums